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Tuesday, 16 December 2014

War and Conquest battle report EIR v's Seleucid

 As part of a conscious effort to get more gaming in over the winter we’ll be having a game of some sort every Sunday.

To get up to speed for a forthcoming Armies and Enemies of Ancient Rome period gaming weekend using War and Conquest Ancient and Medieval rules we dusted off a couple of armies.

I chose Early Imperial Roman and Simon went with Seleucid. Points were set at 2500 each.
We set up the terrain with 2 hills and 2 small woods as a mirror image and then rolled 2 D6 and a scatter die to randomise their positions on the table.

To aid with learning the stats for the units i knocked up some of these stat lines to be put in the back of the movement trays.

In the rules there are several set up options, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. We rolled a D4 and got ‘Spring’ which meant deploying 12” in along the length of the table.

There are also objective cards if you want to add bit of something extra to the game.
I drew ‘Raid’ which meant I had to capture the enemies baggage and leave from my table edge with it. Whilst Simon drew  'Breakthrough' having to get troops off my table edge.
 Simon drew a deployment map and I then deployed my army, hoping to achieve our objectives.

A quick breakdown of the armies.

Army lists used are on the War and Conquest blog.

Early Imperial Roman army – Figures by 1st Corps

Legate-Army General
1 x 24 Veteran Legionaries
2 x 24 Regular Legionaries
2 x 10 Auxilia Cavalry
2 x 18 Auxilia Infantry
1 x 18 Auxilia Light Infantry
2 x 14 Auxilia Light Infantry Archers

Initial deployment.

Roman  right flank.

Roman centre

Roman left flank

Seleucid army -Figures by 1st Corps

Army Standard
1 x 12 Companions
1 x 10 Light Cavalry
1 x 24 Veteran Phalanx
3 x 24 Regular Phalanx
10 Cretan Archers
10 Slingers
10 Javelins

Initial deployment.

Seleucid centre and left flank.

Seleucid right flank
View from the Seleucid side.

View from the Roman side.
On the Seleucid left the cavalry charge down Roman archers.
Who then persue into the Roman cavalry and route them.
In the centre both armies advance, the Roman cav on the right flank head towards the left to bolster the collapsing left flank. 

Whilst the Auxilaries beat off Seleucid skirmishers.
The battle lines close and Auxilia engage more Seleucid skirmishers.
Skirmishing Auxilia chase off Seleucid skirmishers only to end up stood infront of the phalanx...Gulp!

The phalnx surges forward destroying the skirmishing Auxila and persue in a formed unit of light infantry . Ouch!
Having rallied on the table edge the Auxilia cav beat of the Seleucid light cav and persue into the Companions.
Seleucid phalanx engage along the line.
Auxiliary cav head to the left flank.
The right hand Legion break from mellee and the auxilia get get roughed up.
Phalanx winning along the line, not looking good for the Romans.
Auxiliaries  turn to flank the top most phalanx while the legioaries run for it. The bottom phalanx has destroyed the auxilia.
Companions start  get the advantage.
'The Empire Strikes Back' All along the line the Romans start to push back the phalanx.
End of the game, the two centre phalanx broke and were chopped down, the fleeing Legion rallied and the Auxiliary cav engage the Companion cavalry.

Technically you could call it a draw as neither side achieved its objective but the Seleucid army was pretty well destroyed.

An enjoyable game,which swung back and forth untill the Seleucids finally broke.

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  1. Nice looking battle gents, with great looking armies! :-)