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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Battle Cry of Freedom. Painting First Corps 28mm American Civil War Miniatures

For a change from painting ancient wargame miniatures I thought I’d start a new project. As we’ve been going through the 1st Corps American Civil War range, of 28mm wargame figures, re-moulding it, I thought now might the time to start gaming the ACW period.

We plan on fielding a couple of infantry brigades a side with supporting mounted and dismounted cavalry and artillery.

Its going to be a long project but I thought I’d start off with a few command stands so I could show off some of the excellent flags by Battle Flag from the Trans Mississippi (Confederate) and Excelsior (Union Foreign Regiments) wargame flag sheets .
The figures are based up for the Fire and Fury rules set but will also be used for the Regimental Fire and Fury wargame rules variant.

I’ve chosen to paint the figures of the officers, standard bearers and drummers in fairly pristine uniforms for the ACW command group bases and will do more of the rank and file miniatures in campaign dress, especially the Confederate figures.

Colours used are mostly from the excellent Foundry range of wargame paint range over a black spray primer . Main colours used to paint the models were…
                 Base coat                         Main colour                     Highlight
Flesh,            Coat d’arms rat brown,   Foundry flesh A               Foundry flesh B
Greys            Foundry Stone A,            Foundry Stone B              Foundry Stone C
                      Foundry Slate grey A      Foundry Slate grey B       Foundry Slate grey C
D/ blue          Foundry Deep Blue A      Foundry Deep Blue B     Foundry Deep Blue C
L/Blue           Foundry Sky Blue A        Foundry Sky Blue B        Foundry Sky Blue C
Knap sacks    Foundry bone yard A       Foundry bone yard B       Foundry bone yard C
Leather          Foundry Tan A                 Foundry Tan B                 Foundry Tan C

Reds by Vallejo

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