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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scythians and Sarmatians

Scythians & Early Sarmatian People.

New releases for 1st Corps.

Scythians 700-300BC and Early Sarmatian Peoples, which include the Aorsi, Siraces, Iazyges & Roxolani 400-200BC.

The Scythians inhabited the northern areas of the Black Sea, & the Sarmatians were on the step east of the Don River. Both were of nomadic origin, & were predominantly horse archers, with more heavily armored Nobles. The Scythians could also field large numbers of levied foot archers, & spearmen.

The Scythians fought many opponents including, the Medes, Lydians, Early Indians, New Assyrians, Thracians, Achmaenid Persians, Macedonians, Bactrian Greeks, Parthians, & Sarmatians.

The Sarmatians also had many opponents including, the Scythians, Thracians, Parthians, Bospran & Pontic.

Coming soon figures in Greek helmets. Also available on un barded horses,

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