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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Making terrain for 1st Corps 28mm WW2 Operation Kutosov Part II

Its taken longer than intended but here is part II of the terrain blog for the 'Operation Kutosov' game.
When the green paint for the grass areas was dry we broke up the  colour using different shades of green and brown spray paint. We used Humbrol  sprays basically because thats what we had at hand.
Same idea for the wheat fields, yellow, ochre, sand and pale brown sprays were used.
As we'd used an acrylic sealer for the roads we were able to use acrylic paints  to paint the roads.
We went for country dirt roads for a more rural look.
The paints used were emulsion paints mixed for us at a local DIY store. We have a dark earth shade and 2 paler shades for highlighting.
This way we can make sure we  get consistant colours on our figure bases and terrain.
A Corgi 1/50 Panther alongside a 1st Corps 1/48 scale T34
A close up of one of the village strong points usedin the participation game.
Buildings are by Hovels(supplied painted many years ago),fences are the plastic ones by Renedra all mounted on hardboard bases and textured by ourselves.
We'll be releasing our own Eastern Front buildings later this year.
The defensive position at the bottom of the picture as scratch built by ourselves.Maybe thats one for another blog entry.
Te game as set up at Partizan in September.
And again.
As set up at The Worlds, Derby.
 Unfortunatley the guys that were going to run the participation game couldn't make it to the show  so we set it up as  a static demo game. As w had forgotten the box with the village buildings and some of the German defences we put out every Russian vehicle we had. his came to 15 T34's 3 SU122's and 4 SU85's.
A closer shot of the Russian horde charging across the wheat fields.
All the vehicles and figures are by 1st Corps.
A Corgi Panther awaits the onslaught with 1st Corps German panzer grenadiers  in support.
Materials used.
Teddy bear fur, we used the 'wolf hair ' colour as our base.
supplied by
Fur fabrics and crafts,Tel 0121 7711666
Green paint.  Forest Green fence paint.
Sprays, assorted colours by Humbrol
Acrylic window sealer, dark brown.Available at most DIY stores.
Emulsion paints for roads mixedby local DIY store.


  1. No details on the Teddy Bear fur!? Will you be taking this game to any other shows? Warfare maybe?

    1. Fur details added, only a phone number i'm afraid, but they were very helpful on the phone.
      We would love the game to be on view at warfare but don't have enough volunteers to run thegame for us.
      Next outing for the game will be Fiasco at the Royal Armouries ,Leeds.