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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Operation Kutusov , a 28mm WW2 demo/participation game for salute 2012

To coincide with the our expansion to the WW2 Russian  range, we decided to put together a game for at Salute 2012 and hopefully at other shows we attend round the UK..

I'll be adding updates during the coming weeks showing the progress made towards the game.

Meanwhile here's a brief intro to the game and some photos of a few of the new 28mm Russian vehiclesThe brief has  kindley been put together by Phil Grey of the C20th Wargames Society Wargames Group who will be helping to run the game for us .

Operation Kutusov
The defeat of the German Summer Offensive at Kursk is followed up by Operation Kutusov - to push the Fascist Invaders back to the Dnieper river line.

 As part of this, the 9th Tank Corps, with attached rifle brigade and Army artillery support, is attacking hastily prepared German positions.  Having spent two weeks training for a night action the attack is, naturally, launched at dawn.  Soviet forces need to clear the two lines of villages and take the settlement of Veselaya Kalina, located at the edge of the forest, which controls the road through the dense woodland.

 The assault is going in over partly harvested wheatfields, with the village of Posadka to the fore, and Taborische and Breznyak to the left flank...
 Join Leitnant Vasily Krysov and his comrades in the 1454th and smash the Fascists!

 German strength is unknown, but it is expected the fascists will die hard they usually do.


  1. I love the pictures, a great style!

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  3. Hi, great styling! Can you tell me what you use as the long grass please? It looks fab! Thanks in advance,
    Sarah- Jane