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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New 28mm Greek Wargame Figures from 1st Corps

I recently received some pics of the latest 1st Corps Greeks painted by Simon, 1st Corps very own wargame figure caster extraordinaire and expert paint flicker.

Simon has shown just what is possible with the new Spartan and Greek 28mm wargame figures from 1st Corps in these stunning vignettes (and yes he does game these). The detail is as always, on a 1st Corps mini crisp and well defined; these really are painter’s figures.

The Greek shields are worth a special mention in themselves. The detail at the back is stunning. In my opinion these are quite possibly the best 28mm ancient shields I have seen.

For more detail about the new Greek and Spartan ranges of wargame miniatures from 1st Corps, or indeed any of the other exciting ranges click HERE www.1stcorps.com

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