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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The thunder of hooves. New 28mm wrecked scythed chariot.

Persian 4 horse scythed chariots PER17 being used in a Seleucid army. 

With the thunder of hooves, rumble of wheels,whiny of horses and cries of the crew one of the ancient worlds most terrifying weapons surges into battle.

The four horse scythed chariots have been unleashed.
Seleucid 4 horse scythed chariot MSS61

These fearsome weapons  were probably first used by the Achaemenid Persians during the Greek and Persian wars between 467 BC and 458 BC, as a response to the massed ranks of Greek hoplites.They were later deployed by the Macedonian Successor Seleucid Empire against the Republican Romans but with little or no effect against the well disciplined ranks or Roman legionaries.
 NEW Wrecked chariot MSS62
 Unfortunately for the crew and horses this was the usual outcome.

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  1. Great idea. Now if only someone would make horse casualties with partial or full armour... hint, hint?

  2. Scythed chariots are very nice...and impressive!